Kharkiv joined the presidential grant project Darina Alekseenko "Woven Ukraine"

1 September 2017 in tourist information centre OKZ "Kharkiv organizational and methodological center of tourism" was a landmark event. Kharkiv joined the presidential grant project Darina Alcco "Woven Ukraine", which aims to create maps of our country, where each region will present a distinctive view of the weaving art. In ancient times, Sloboda was famous for its magnificent, dogovorili carpets, so-called blankets which made our artisans famous far beyond Ukraine. Today graduates of the "School of kolarstwa", which worked on the basis of the OKZ "HEMTT", began painstaking work on the part of the map. Since ancient times, mocarstwem dealt only with women, but today is the first node of our carpet, with wishes of good, peace and unity, tied the head of the Department of culture and tourism of Kharkiv regional state administration O. A. jacina. For those of you who came to our event, having the skills of carpet weaving, held a video presentation and a small lecture from the head of "School of kolarstwa" T. N. Cereals. The participants of the project hope not just to revive the forgotten craft, but to assert him as a contender in lists of the intangible heritage of UNESCO.

We are grateful to the masters and guests of the event for the opportunity to plunge into the world of slobozhanske kolarstwa.